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Homeopathy: A holistic form of medicine that treats the body as a whole and helps it to heal itself.

At a time when health care is so costly, we need to look at complimentary approaches to healthcare which can improve our health and keep medical expenses down. The quality of health care in the United States is poor compared to other Western countries that incorporate a more holistic approach.


Healthcare in the US is about twice what it is in other developed countries yet we are 43rd in life expectancy.

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Homeopathy is a field of medicine which deals with treating the root of the problem.

What is homeopathy anyway?   Homeopaths both love and dread to hear that question.


We love it because we can share so many successful stories of those who have come to homeopathy after giving up hope of ever seeing improvement for their health condition and are presently either cured or significantly better. However, when we try to explain the principles of homeopathy we are all too familiar with that glazed look overcoming the questioner’s countenance.  For over 20 years I have been trying to compose a three sentence explanation of Homeopathy that will clearly describe what it is and how it helps us. I am not alone and have yet to meet another homeopath who can achieve this. You may ask, WHY IS THIS?


We are conditioned to take medications for whatever ails us. For example, the Rheumatoid Arthritis patient will probably be prescribed steroids and other types of drugs to reduce inflammation.  But this patient has not been cured; only relieved of symptoms.

Homeopathy treats the person with disease, not the disease itself.

This is a monumental statement and not easily understood, particularly by Conventional Medical Practitioners, who traditionally rely on pharmaceuticals.  


In the human body there are countless communications and reactions happening simultaneously, throughout all systems. It’s miraculous that the body functions as smoothly as it does. When it doesn’t, we develop symptoms which are indicators that there is a problem. Homeopathy looks at those symptoms as a guide to the health of the whole person and not just the part of the body affected. In this complex myriad, which factor(s) caused the person to become ill? Why are they susceptible to this health condition? When did the health problem begin, is it genetic? Is iit stress related? Is it the result of an accident, grief, etc.?


In the days ahead I will be setting up a forum to explore what Homeopathy is and is not.  A place where questions can be answered and remedies discussed…a place to share success stories. I hope you will join the discussion as we create a stronger holistic approach to healthy living.

Our next blog post will focus on Homeopathic alternatives to antibiotics. Stay tuned and be well.

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