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Is your healthcare provider addressing your concerns?

Is your doctor too busy updating their database to turn around, look at you and listen?

According to a recent study, I’ve found that people chose to consult a homeopath for the following reasons:

• Health needs were not met by mainstream medical treatment

• Experienced ‘rushed’ consultations

• There were too few questions and doctors were too quick to prescribe

• Some found their doctors to be either dismissive or uncaring

• Patients found that homeopathic treatment was effective without side-effects

• Homeopathy solved long-term health problems

• Individual consultations were much longer

• Homeopaths were easier to talk to, were non-judgmental and formed an equal partnership with them

• Problems were handled holistically: mind, body as well as emotions. Family and work factors were considered

Its important to note that the role of the homeopath is not to take you away from your medical professionals but to help you become stronger and more resilient. The idea is to help your body heal itself through carefully selected homeopathic remedies which are individualized to meet only your specific health needs.

Homeopathy relieves symptoms and helps to restore your overall health and vitality so that you will feel more like yourself and will be less likely to need medical intervention. I urge you to explore my site and gain an understand of the benefits of Homeopathy and maybe learn a little about yourself. (My Story here)

1.South African Family Practice. Vol 50, issue 3

, MBChB, DMH(SA), FCFP(SA), MMed(FamMed) &GA Ogunbanjo , MBBS, FCFP(SA), MCDD McIntoshFamMed, FACRRM, FACTM, FAFP(SA


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